Filtertherm Aqueous DPF Cleaning Package FTM 8006

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  • Filtertherm Aqueous DPF Cleaning Package FTM 8006
  • Filtertherm Aqueous DPF Cleaning Package FTM 8006
  • Filtertherm Aqueous DPF Cleaning Package FTM 8006
  • Filtertherm Aqueous DPF Cleaning Package FTM 8006
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Filtertherm® AQUEOUS DPF CLEANING Package


The Filtertherm® Aqueous DPF Cleaning Package takes DPFs from dirty to clean in under 2 hours with no baking required! This system includes the Filtertherm® Aqueous DPF Cleaning Machine for edge-to-edge cleaning, the Filtertherm® Filter Drying Cabinet which dries aqueous-cleaned filters in 20 minutes or less, and the Filtertherm® DPF Inspection Table for DPF weight, flow reading, inspection and documentation.

Costs less that $5.00 USD in supplies per filter cleaning!!

The package includes:

  • Filtertherm® Aqueous DPF Cleaning Machine: FTM 1100
  • Filtertherm® Drying Cabinet: FTM 2000
  • Filtertherm® Inspection Table: FTM 8003
  • The Aqueous DPF Cleaning Machine comes with 1-gallon Surfactant Premix, 10 Bag Filters, 5lbs. Filter Soaking Material - sufficient to clean 30-50 filters.

The Filtertherm® Aqueous DPF Cleaning Machine offers edge-to-edge cleaning with 600 gallons of water & surfactant penetrating the filter. It has a closed-water system with proprietary surfactant that embodies particles and removes debris. It uses a continuous low-pressure, high-volume water stream that allows water to navigate around cell wall structures. Great for high-volume shops!! Machine footprint: 79″ (2001 mm) height  |  96″ (2438 mm) width  |  72″ (1816 mm) depth including door clearance.

The Filtertherm® Drying Cabinet completely dries most Aqueous-cleaned filters in 20 minutes or less, and accommodates DPFs up to 24″ in height and up to 18″ in diameter. It requires minimal shop space and is easy to operate. Machine footprint: 79″ (2006.6 mm) height | 34″ (863.6 mm) width | 72″ depth including door clearance (1828.8 mm).

The Filtertherm® Inspection Table is an all-in-one inspection station for measuring pre and post cleaning DPF weight and flow. It also has a high lumen light to inspect for cracks and open cells. Other features include a holder for pin test wires and USB charging port. Machine footprint: 34″ (863.6 mm) table height & 47″ (1193.8 mm) height including display head  |  46″ (1168.4 mm) wide  |  33″ (838.2 mm) depth.

Purchase of this package also includes an online training session with a professional DPF cleaning technician.

Need help deciding which DPF Cleaning package is right for your specific set up? Reach out to one of our product specialists for a free consultation. 

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Warranty Information

Every Filtertherm® DPF Cleaning product is covered by warranty for a period of ONE (1) YEAR, which covers repairing or replacing the product or any part determined by the seller to be defective during the applicable warranty period. For more information, see your Filtertherm® Owner’s Manual.
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